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2016 Project List

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08 April 2016

A Better Choice  3007 E Central (near Central and Hillside)
Outdoor light labor:  Remulch, pick up the litter on property, remove a shrub, weed and do light pruning. Need 6 able-bodied adults on April 30.
Indoor work with baby items:   Unpackage baby items, sort and bag diapers, may work with new baby clothing or bath products and fold brochures.  Assemble layettes/newborn gifts.  Need 4 volunteers of any age or ability on April 30.
Donations needed See sign-up sheet in Narthex 

Member projects
Off Harry between Webb and Greenwich
Spring yard cleaning, mostly trimming and weeding.  Need 8 people middle school or older on April 23.

Spring yard cleaning:  trimming, weeding, mulching.  Need 3-4 people middle school or older on April 30.

Donation Drive for Gently Used Resale  2523 S. Seneca
Pick up items from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m., load items collected at Holy Cross, and deliver to store.  Sort clothes and items delivered once at the store.
Need 4-6 able-bodied people high-school or older, with a truck or trailer if possible, and 4-6 people of any age or ability on April 23.

Goodies for Heroes
Sign up to provide and/or deliver items to be delivered to local fire and police stations any time during days of service, April 23 or 30. See sign-up sheet

Lutheran Student Center 3815 East 17th Street
Need 4-6 adults to help clean out a brush row on April 30. Chain saws or other trimming tools needed.

Food Collection for Union Rescue Mission  2800 N Hillside
Door hangers will be placed in the neighborhood around Holy Cross the week before food is to be collected.  On the day(s) of service, food donations will be picked up and delivered to the Mission. 

 Rainbows United Kids Point 3223 North Oliver (just south of K-96)
We plan to be joined by several other churches to complete this project
• Build an interactive Music Wall structure on the playground, covered with "instruments" like buckets, pans, washboards, spoons, wind chimes, etc. that the children can use to create sound and music. Donations needed—see signup sheet
• Roto-till the garden
• Attach a shade cover to the outdoor pergola
• Pick up trash, cut saplings, move large rocks, trim trees and low hanging branches.
• Spread mulch around trees.
• Plant plants in planters and flower beds. 
• Fill in low areas in the toddler playground.
• Pull weeds and dead flowers.
• Paint/touch up playground equipment
• Stain the backboards of the double gate
• Sweep sand into playground
• Wash windows inside and out
• Sanitize toys
• Stain wooden benches and fences on playground

Passageways a private, faith-based non-profit organization providing solution-based ministry services to the homeless and near homeless Veteran population  1628 N Parkridge Ct (between 13th and 21st off 119th St West)
Project details in process, may include indoor painting and cleaning, outdoor gardening and landscaping.

Provide meals and meal starters that can be frozen, donations of other requested items will be delivered on day of service.




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